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"LiSoLED" Offgrid Solar Street Lighting

LiSoLED product development project is supported financially by Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA). It is a Solar PV panel powered LED armature street lightening system  where 20-40 Ah LFP batteries can be charged by photovoltaic solar panels .

Unlike the most PV-panel LED lighting systems on the market, LiSoLED product designed by AIM which consist of  lithium iron batteries and  “24 V LFP BMS system”, instead of lead acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries has a short life cycle and affected by high temperatures, in our design we use lighter, higher-lasting and environmentally friendly lithium iron batteries. In addition,  Lithium iron batteries can be placed directly on the pole where is located under the dashboard on the PV. By this way, there is no need for building the battery in a separate cabinet at the bottom of the pole like lead-acid batteries.


LiSoLED, LED armature design system made by AIM design team and it can reduce the amount of lightening late at night, instead of constant lightening. Thus consuming less energy, is an option with  motion detector "smart lighting" system where  a pedestrian traffic passes on the street in the early morning the light is increased by the motion and  passed  after the movement stops. It can be reduce the flux again. By smart lighting system we can use smaller capacity of LFP battery with  smaller PV panel.


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