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"BattLion" - Lithium Battery for Telecom Applications
Energy can  design and produce through the work of; 10-1000 Ah 48V based on the needs of all kinds of Lithium Battery Management System In telecom applications 48 V based on stationary energy storage systems.

BattLion”, which is designed to monitor while charging and discharging also after charging  "passive balancing" or "active balancing" method of 15 units of cells which  allows the cell voltage and capacity balancing algorithms are developed electronic hardware and embedded software running this hardware.

Not only Innovation and government R&D support programs such as KOSGEB, TEYDEP 1511, R&D projects are utilized in battery management solutions methods, but also making original designs in hardware and software are being developed with Istanbul Technical University, Institute of Energy.

BattLion Data Sheet

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