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SBC - "Solar Battery Charger - MPPT"

SBC - (Solar Battery Charger)  is a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) capable, 100-250Wp (15 -40 Voc) Solar Panel compatible battery charger product which is designed by Batkon. 

SBC is designed to meet high efficient (>90%)  and large voltage range (12-24-36-48 V) battery charge requirements. SBC has different options to work with single 12V Lead Acid or Lithium batter with 10 A max charge current limit or serial connected 24/36/48 V battery packages. 

SBC Module Front View

 SBC modules has RS485-MODBUS communication capability to integrate External Lithium BMS systems. BMS can change SBC charge current and voltage parameters to fine tune lithium cell SoC. RS485 comm port can also be used upper level management or monitoring system integration. OMC software can obtain solar power level, transferred energy amount to battery information and make on/off load power. 
Dual RJ11 connectors of SBC enables daisy-chain RS485 bus topology between multiple SBC modules. SBSs can communicate as master-slave structure and controls multiple PV+SBC paralleled large Ah battery charge applications.

Module front interface connector has dry contact relay, TTL level UART, external NTC and external analog light sensor connections.
SBC rear plate has PV panel power connector, battery connector and load connector.

SBC Module Real View

SBC motherboard has wireless communication daughterboard connector for future extensions. Batkon has planned to add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication interface onto SBC module in near future.

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