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"Telco BIS-12V" - Telecom Battery Intelligence System
Telco Battery Intelligence System – (BIS) is designed to monitor state of health (SoH) of 48V Lead Acid (VRLA) battery groups located in GSM base stations. Telco BIS not only “monitor” four 12V VRLA batteries but also “balance” the voltages of each battery in the group.

Telco BIS-12V system consist of two types of modules. First module called “Battery Intelligence Module – BIM”. Each 48V (4x12V) battery group requires one BIM. Each 12V battery voltage is being measured over probe cable which is connected to (+) poles of each 12V VRLA battery. Battery group temperature is also measured from NTC type temperature sensor connected on the probe cable.

BIM - Battery Intelligence Module

In case of any “unbalance” of voltage between batteries in the group BIM automatically starts “active balancing” process and takes energy from high voltage battery and transfers to low voltage battery. All voltages of 12V batteries can be equalized after the balancing process.

Group charge and discharge current can also be measure by Telco BIS-12V by using current sensor connection located at back plate of BIM box.

BIM - Back plate

Second type of module of the Telco BIS-12V system called “Main Process Controller – MPC”. MPC is the main controller and gateway for the base station site. Each BIM reports the measured values (voltage, temperature, current) of battery group  to MPC periodically. MPC stores the data collected from BIMs and evaluates them by using patented embedded software algorithms and calculates the SoH of each 12V battery. Site technician can be informed from LCD screen of MPC. 

MPC - Main Process Controller

MPC has Ethernet-TCP/IP interface to support “Internet of Things – IoT”. MPC and central server “UZDEN” located at Mobile Operator’s data center online communicates. Each MPC at the network “reports” battery status and events to UZDEN periodically. UZDEN evaluates the data and reports any problem to related departments via e-mail or SMS.

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