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"Pro-DC" Outdoor/Pole-top Energy Storage Sys
Pro-DC system has AC mains input and 600W rectifier option to charge Lithium Ferrite Phosphate (LFP) battery block (8 cell - 25.6V). Batkon designed  "Lithium Battery Controller" (LBC) electronic hardware and firmware controls battery charge and protections functions. Pro-DC system can also be powered via Solar panels. Batkon designed "Solar Battery Charger" (SBS)  electronic hardware and firmware controls battery charge with "Maximum Power Point Tracking" (MPPT) algorithms. 100-300 Wp 30-33V solar panels can be connected to Pro-DC and system can work "off grid" or "on-grid / hybrid". DC-DC converter block of Pro-DC coverts 25.6V system bus to 12, 24,48 VDC for different types of loads (camera, radar, LED luminaire, telemetry devices etc).  

LBC hardware has RJ45 Ethernet, USB-A and RJ11-RS485 interfaces. In the Solar powered type of Pro-DC LBC and SBC cards communicates over RS485 / Modbus protocol and coordinates LFP charge and system shutdown/wakeup cases. LBC controls CDC card to detect battery current and on/off MOSFETs to stop charge and discharge for protection of Battery block. 

DC-DC converter card has 3 different output DC voltage option; 12,24,48V. Each output module can be defined (during production) as 50, 100 and 150W power. LBC can control DC-DC card and can off/on outputs to make “hard reset” connected loads.

Pro-DC system has sophisticated remote management features over TCP/IP. All parameters of LBC, SBC, DC-DC and CDC cards can be monitored and managed from remote management server at cloud. 

Pro-DC 2500Wh- 220VAC->12/24VDC
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