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"SoLiCon" Solar Traffic Flasher
Solar Powered, Lithium Battery Backed-up, Outdoor / Pole Mountable Energy Management System


Basic Features

    * Lithium Ferrite Phosphate (LFP) battery is charged faster and safely with 1A – 10A current
    * Cell voltages, cell temperatures and packet current of 12V LFP Pack is checked periodically
    * LFP battery can operate higher and lower temperature levels compared to VRLA batteries
    * Battery replacement operation costs are reduced
    * Prevents lead waste caused by VRLA and helps environmental protection
    * Lighter package enables "pole top" installations of whole system. That structure eliminates burglary risk for batteries.


   *  Controls 17V Nominal PV’s charge current upto 10 A
   *  Prevents LFP cell overcharge (>3,85V) and overdischarge (< 2,5V)
   *  Cell balance with 350 mA balance discharge
   *  Two Loads on/off with two separate MosFETs upto 1 A Load currents.
   *  MosFETs can bu used to control seperate contactor selenoids to on/off bigger loads
   *  Continuously measures 4 LFP cell voltages, cell temperatures and charge current to protects LFP cells.
   *  By using energy density advantages of LFP, total system is 65% lighter and 50% smaller than VRLA based systems. This structure of system enables installations of IP-65 compatible system to Pole-top.
   *  System detects overdischarge status in case of long period  of insufficient sunlight conditions (snow of PV panels) and goes to “sleep” mode to prevent deep discharge of LFP battery.

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